Life Update

I had a nice trip up to Saratoga Springs, New York, earlier this week.  I blew off enough work-related material to go downtown and wander around.  There was a wonderful little Egyptian import shop with an impressive collection of statuettes of Bes, Taweret, Sobek, and other obscure deities, all too much for my tastes.

Also, I should note Lyrical Ballad Bookstore.  Aside from what that link tells you, they’ve got a nice collection of Lovecraftian, Mythos, and pulp material scattered about here and there – ask for help at the counter.  I left them for those who would be more appreciative, but between there and another stop, I acquired a nice list for recreational browsing, which I share with you:

Ozark Magic and Foklore – Supposedly one of the best pieces of evidence for pre-Gardnerian hereditary witchcraft in the States.  I think we’d have to look at Randolph’s notes to be sure.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead – This is the beautiful edition conceived of by the Necronomicon‘s own James Wasserman.

Kabbalah:  New Perspectives – I’ve read quite a bit of Gershom Scholem’s work on the Kabbalah, but Moshe Idel represents the next stage in the scholarship on this field of Jewish mysticism.  It’s good not to put too much stock in a single author, unless it’s me.

The Mole PeopleSome doubt has been cast on the author’s story of subterranean people living beneath New York City, but it’s still a fun read and good Delta Green fodder.

Earth Rites – I grabbed this 1978 book of wimmin’s liberation spirituality, published in Brooklyn, for my Necronomicon paper.  It’s a good example of how some elements of Mesopotamian belief were circulating in the cultural milieu of the time with no connection to the little black book.  It’s even got a song in honor of Tiamat, who created a civilization of women who tilled the land, built mighty cities, learned astronomy, and prayed to their mother.  Plus, they were all lesbians.  To answer the obvious question, it doesn’t say.

That’s all for now.  Have a good night!

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