Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia Update

Elder Signs Press has posted the cover to my Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia, drawn by Malcolm McClinton.  Lots of tentacled goodness there.

The announced date on their site for the release of the book is now July 17.  I’m not sure if that’s a hard and fast date, but that’s what the site says.

I’d highly encourage you to purchase a copy of the hardback edition.  Think of it as one of the safest short-term investments these days – it’s likely you can sell it on eBay a year after publication and get a good price from everyone who forgot to buy theirs.  Or, you could read and cherish it.  It’s up to you.

Otherwise, you could just buy the paperback edition, feel buyer’s remorse over the hardcover later, and then buy it off one of those cynical eBay exploiters I just encouraged.  If so, here are links to the signed paperback and the unsigned paperback, which are otherwise the same in price.  Boy, I’m going to regret posting that when my hand starts cramping up.

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  1. I’m curious Dan. Since I’ve been out of the loop for a while, is this an updated version of the Encyclopedia Cthulhiana with the name changed to confuse me (or for some sinister copyright reason), or some new beast altogether?

  2. You wound me, sir. The name has not been changed to confuse you!

    It’s been changed to confuse everyone.

    Really, I changed it because nobody besides you and I can spell “Cthulhiana”. Plus, having “Cthulhu” out front makes it a lot easier for people browsing product listings to find it.

  3. Real-time replies. Now that’s customer service!

    Or perhaps I just got the invocation right…
    No matter, I shall be reserving my copy forthwith. Of course, the listings never thwarted me since I got into the habit of using cthulh* as a keyword.
    But then, I’m just a smug git.

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