The Necronomicon in – Pinball?

I’m sure that very few Papers readers think “Digital pinball!” when the Necronomicon is mentioned, but a Japanese company did indeed issue such a game for the Sega console. Donovan sent me a couple of trailers for the game.

Now you too can watch the intro, recalling a time when monks seeking forbidden lore walked confidently past rows of fluorescent desk lamps while swinging their lanterns and Voguing to death metal.

We also have an actual example of the game, in which ominous warnings of your hideous doom accompany flashing lights and skyrocketing scores.

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  1. Brings new meaning to the title “Pinball Wizard”, eh?

  2. I beleave in saint and almaithy

  3. Of course you have an entry on this game. It’s one of the most sophisticated and engaging virtual pinball games I have ever played. I own it… maybe someday I’ll do some videos for it.

  4. pls i want money from u people

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