Important Afterlife Update

While Papers is mainly about weird things, it’s also here to help you make the important decisions about your life – and what comes afterward.

Thus, I give you the following passage from Andrew Redden’s Diabolism in Colonial Peru, 1560-1750:

In Juan Meléndez’s account of St. Rose of Lima, such as the devil’s fury in seeing her served with chocolate by angels that he dragged her around the floor by her habit and on other occasions slapped her to the ground or crushed her in his embrace.

Yes – angels have chocolate.

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  1. LOL….

    Wha?!?! No vanilla?!

  2. Which poses the question… Hershey or Cadbury?
    Of course, what is far more relevant is whether the Devil also has chocolate (and what kind). It’s an important point. After all, Christian rock provides proof that the Devil really does have all the best tunes.

  3. Graeme, perhaps Dove chocolates?


    This does change everything, though, D., so your pursuit of matters of grave import is decidedly appreciated!

  4. I hope demons have dark chocolate. With chillie peppers in it. Mmm.

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