Great Internet Juxtapositions: The Grimorium Imperium

“Stay away from the Grimoirium Imperium. Its illegal and dangerous, in both a physical and spiritual sense. If Heaven was afraid of a nuke, the Imperium would be it because the demons in it are stronger than Satan and existed before the fall of Lucifer/Cthulhu. These demons was conjured in Atlantis/R’lyeh and eventually destroyed it.” – A poster on the Cult of Cthulhu Yahoo group.

“The extant text was written in one day in 1997. I was ill with a fever and unable to sleep or muster the concentration to read I set about writing the work off the top of my head.” – Phil Legard, author of the Grimorium Imperium

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  1. From these two statements we can only draw one conclusion: I am stronger than Satan… even when ill!

  2. And you can travel through time!

  3. and can summon aliens from other dimensions who might take your head back with them in a nifty little jar!

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