Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity

Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream are trying to drum up some business for their new book Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity with this Fundable challenge. It includes several pieces of interest to DG fans, including Kenneth Hite’s extremely-long-awaited introduction to the Cult of Transcendence mentioned in Dubious Shards.

Fundable was previously used for other Delta Green projects by Dennis Detwiller, and it appears to be a new and effective business model for small presses who want to ensure they have the money for printing a book beforehand. I’m wondering if a similar method might be useful for some of the smaller occult presses as well.

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  1. Credit where credit is due: Although, as I understand it, my scenario “Numbers and the Beast” will be in Targets of Opportunity, the bulk of the Cult of Transcendence material was originally written by Greg Stolze.

  2. Duly noted.

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