unauthorized post by Dan’s brother

this is Paul, Dan’s brother.  he left the computer with his blog open, so I thought I would share some of Dan’s more embarrassing secrets with you, his loyal readers/friends/enemies.  Dan

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  1. Failure.

  2. Aw, failure indeed.

    Paul, I was hoping for some salicious gossip about your brother (Daniel); some mention of what really happened on that boating trip on Lake Wachanoota at summer camp in ’86; or some detailed explanation of what transpired when you were playing with that old family ouija board in the attic and a teenage Daniel walked in bearing an ancient grimoire and issue #51 of Doctor Strange.

    But no: denied.

    Yours guttedly

  3. LOL….the best part…

    Possiblty Related Posts…smirk

  4. *snickers*

  5. But what could be more embarrassing than his failure to cover the Kult of Hamstur’s _Tales from the Gerbilnomicon_?

    (Note: This is a real book. I’m not making it up.)

  6. He’s not kidding. But technically, it’s Tails From the Gerbilnomicon.

    On a side note, how sad is it that I did a vanity search, found this and commented on a 2+ year old thread?

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