Google Books and Magical Works

In my original Books of Moses post, a mighty battle is joined.  “I tell thee, mighty works may be found in Google Books!” sayeth Dave.  “Nay, varlet, I hath found naught!” rejoins Nebo.  Or that’s what I’d like to think they’d be saying shortly before leaping onto chandeliers and drawing their rapiers.

As it happens, I was just talking about this with a correspondent not three days ago.  Apparently Google Books once had posted the crown jewels of German occult publications – Scheible’s Das Kloster, volumes 2, 3 and 5, and Horst’s Zauber-Bibliothek –  in their collection.  Now, they’ve vanished once again.  Long-time readers might recall a similar event happening with a Usenet group also archived by Google.  Though Google does provide great resources, I have serious doubts as to how much we should count on the company as the sole archivist for much of our digital information.

At any rate, I’m hoping these links to the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses in the older translation and the third volume of Das Kloster will work.  If they don’t, drop a note in the comments.

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  1. 🙂 Alright, they’re still there, it just sometimes takes some creativey as two or so of the volumes are not listed as “Das Kloster” but are instead listed by their subtitle for some strange reason. THis includes Vol. 5 which is found here: LINK this link will lead you to volume 1: LINK if you look towards the bottom it says “Other Editions” click more and it will list 10 volumes and you can somewhat dtermine the order by their dates. Horst’s six volumes can be foun here LINK (same deal, with other editions) there’s three of these as each one contains two volumes. Alright, well I shall now submit comment and see if the comments feild accepts html 🙂

  2. The Kloster is still there. Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses unfortunately not. Does anyone have this as pdf and can post a link?

    Thanks a lot and best


  3. hey there. you can go to this address:
    once you are there you can get all 6 volumes. you can also get 11 of the 12 volumes of das kloster. it is tres cool.

  4. I need the 6/7th ,8/9th books of Moses.Use DHL POSTAL AGENTS.I leave in Wuse2,Abuja FCT,NIGERIA.What is the mode of payment? I will use my ID card for claims. Once arrived,let them call;+234(0)8052256200 OR +234(0)867290108.
    ATTAH S. A.

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