Magickal Childe and Lack of Inspiration

I had a couple brilliant posts that I thought I was going to write, but no dice. Instead, I present one of the fruits of my NYC trip, proving that Magickal Childe was a shop like no other:

Annual Bat Clearance Sale

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  1. That is so freaking awesome on so many levels.

  2. *wordless squee*

  3. For the rare occasion when Ozzy swings through town?

  4. I can remember spells that require bat’s blood, or just part of the bat, but selling a whole bat baffles me.

    Though I like bats, I do like the idea of having a clearance on bats. Plus, making it an annual clearance is just icing.

  5. It’s funny how they come in two sizes. Large Bats! For those nefarious rites when a small bat just wont do 😉 As far as why a whole bat? Best I can come up with would be the “Goetic Circle” as illustrated by Levi in Transcedental Magic. From what I know about Magickal Childe, they seemed to base their stock off easily available sourcebooks, and the circle is also illustrated in Wait’s “Black magick and Pacts” book.

  6. I’m suddenly very disappointed in my local occult shop. They don’t sell any bats, large or small!

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