Grimoires and Pazuzu

I was on my way home from a conference yesterday, so I decided to stop by Cornell Special Collections to look at their Glogau reprint of Handschriftliche Schatze to see if I could get any further data on the controversy before us.  What I discovered was that Glogau apparently took the Sammlung der Grossten Geheimnisse, slapped the title page of the Handschriftliche Schatze on the front, and printed it.  What I really wanted to look at was their copy of the Buch Jezira, which seems to have the same table of contents as the other Handschriftliche Schatze…

… but I didn’t figure it out until it was too late to request it.  Damn.

This swap in titles was hardly an unknown element of grimoires.  A publisher could squeeze a few extra customers out of such trickery, and if a publisher didn’t have a particular title, merely swapping in another for a book they did have was often an option.  After all, if the readers didn’t have the original, they’d never really know about the substitution.  Those wacky German publishers!

Nonetheless, all was not in vain.  While there, I encountered a book I had only heard about once before:  Nils Heessel’s Pazuzu: archäologische und philologische Studien zu einem alt-orientalischen Dämon.  I haven’t gotten into it, but while making some photocopies I came across the following item quoted under fair use for purposes of commentary:

Pazuzu Pie Chart

I’m just highly amused to have found a pie chart dedicated to the problematic dating of Pazuzu art.

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  1. Dear Dan

    The “Buch Jezira” is a reprint of Scheibles “Handschriftliche Schätze”. If I remember right with the shortening of one of the 40 texts and a terrible reprint of the sigils. So the publisher – it is Bartels from Berlin Weissensee, sometimes using “Adonistischer Verlag” or “Philadelphia” or nothing as Impressum – took any types and letters he could find in his letter case to print the characters. For example the crest of the republic of Columbia or the label of an ink manufactory. The single books have another order than in “Handschriftliche Schätze”.


  2. […] complete, and I’m working on the references (plus trying to add in a reference from the Pazuzu book). I know it’s a great piece – how could an article referencing everything from the Gnostic […]

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