Magickal Childe Advertisement

Oh yeah.  I was supposed to post something, wasn’t I?  Let’s see.

One item I was able to examine more closely at the NYPL was an advertisement from the Warlock Shop back in 1973, when Simon was just getting his start.  There’s a number of interesting nuggets of information in there that I’ve mined for my paper, so I thought I’d let you have a go at it as well.

This was a large, full-page ad for the shop, so I’ve had to split the images into two parts.  WordPress’ thumbnail function won’t work unless a file is small enough (which defeats the whole point), so I’ll just link to them here and here.

I’ll be at conferences for about a week, so I’ll blog when I get the chance.   Later!

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  1. Typo-city – unless “Knox on Pox” is a hitherto unknown Thelemic tract on venereal disease.

    An interesting definition of devotional literature (Dennis Wheatley?!). Spotted the reference to the Owlswick Necronomicon & Simon’s ‘translation’ that you’d previously mentioned, and the couple of books by Lavenda. I’m guessing Simon may also have had a copy of that Near Easten Mythology book directly below the two Lavenda titles?

  2. You’re hitting all my main points. Also, note that “The Hobbit” is also included under devotional literature. The sheer bulk of the Crowley collection is also very impressive.

  3. […] First Books Sharp-eyed readers of the Warlock Shop book ad noticed two curious books by “Levenda” listed there – Book of Runes and Magickal […]

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