Societas Magica Conference

I am simply having an awesome time.  For example, I went to dinner one night with this group of people.  (This was not due to any great merit on my part, I should add, but that I applied late to the motor pool and ended up with a minivan.)  The papers and sessions have been great, and my Necronomicon paper was met with considerable acclaim.  When not in sessions we hang out in bars and debate the important questions, like whether Physical Graffiti really counts as a double album or an album and a half with older material thrown in.  It’s just a really great group of people who are passionate about similar things, which is always a key to success.

As you can tell, not much else has gotten done in this time, but I’ll be back to you guys in a little while.

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  1. Every conference/convention I’ve ever been to has had some talk about Physical Graffiti, whether they were gaming cons, sf/f cons, or just plain publisher cons.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I was at the conference. I do witches and magicians.

    PS Has anyone done a paper on Calvinism and Lovecraft?

  3. Luhrmann is still out there? I thought she had quit all involvement, academic or otherwise, in such things.

  4. This sounds like a great time. I’d never heard of the conference before the mention here. Does anyone know of other such conferences, or a listing/directory of same?

  5. Cal, I know Societas Magica sponsors sessions at other conferences – they’re sponsoring one at Leeds Medieval Congress this year, although none of the papers in this particular session look interesting enough for me to splash out £88+ on a ticket (money that I’d prefer to spend on joining the Folklore Society for two years).

  6. Jason,

    I’ll be in touch.


    Tanya Luhrmann isn’t working in this field, but her new work should be useful to those who are.

  7. convention directory…

    Many blogs have stopped using trackbacks because dealing with spam became too burdensome. (Blogger now has backlinks – very similar…

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