Writing and Such

  • The Necronomicon paper was well-received, so I’m optimistic it will appear in print somewhere at some time.
  • I sent the page proofs back to Elder Signs for the Encyclopedia earlier this week, along with the signing sheets for those who ordered a signed copy.  I did something unusual for the hardcover sheets that I hope you (and the publisher!) will appreciate.
  • The ghoul book comes along slowly.  I just did some reading on the Beast of Bray Road to add some real-life dog-man sightings to the book.  I’m also working on a scenario that includes Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft, an aluminum obelisk, and a Darkest of the Hillside Thickets reference.
  • You guys know that I have stats at the back end and can tell how many of you are visiting the Sexy Witches blog, right?  Sheesh.
  • OK, so I went there, too.
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  1. Damn, he is watching us when we folloe the links he posts…but if he did not want us to go to these places he would not post such links PMSL

  2. Nick, this is the guy who had his camera phone at the ready when he thought he was going to send me into shock with a certain Buffy comic book.

  3. I’d be interested to hear more about this Thickets reference!

  4. Toren,

    The scenario is entitled “Diggin’ up the World,” though I won’t say it follows the song’s premise too closely. Is that fine with you?

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