Simon’s First Books

Sharp-eyed readers of the Warlock Shop book ad noticed two curious books by “Levenda” listed there – Book of Runes and Magickal Alphabets, both selling for $2.50.  What’s this all about?

Admittedly, I don’t know too much about them, save from a later printing that a private collector was kind enough to provide me.  Both are selections of various alphabets with little commentary that would have been of use to magicians otherwise unfamiliar with those scripts.  I can’t say how useful they’d have been in the Seventies, before the current spate of magical miscellanies, but they seem to have been reasonably popular with Slater’s Crowd.

Curiously, the Book of Runes, though the ad attributes it to Levenda, had a message inside from a surprising figure:

Simon Intro

Yet, when his books were later compiled and presented to the public in an omnibus edition, Simon’s name was nowhere to be seen on the cover:
Book of Runes Composite Edition

As you can see, the shop’s nasty case of typos hadn’t gotten much better.

Apparently these books saw considerable popularity, as they were still for sale from Magickal Childe in 1976, three years after their initial release.  As this ad shows, the books remained the same, but the spelling had only gotten worse:

ERN Levenda Ad
At any rate, I’m bringing these to people’s attention in case they want to seek out any vintage Simon items as collectibles and as part of the historical record.  It also underlines the ridiculousness of Simon’s assertions that his pseudonym is a result of not wanting to start a Necronomicon cult, or preserving a magical identity, or because he was being stalked, none of which explains why he had to publish small-run pamphlets on runes under a false name.  Well, sort of.

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  1. Something tells me that Simon’s book of runes would just make me break out in hives or get an eye twitch or something else unpleasant such as having hypochondria revolving around stinging nettle fibers or something.

  2. […] this against the amount of evidence suggesting that Levenda is Simon, as well as the account in a book that Levenda himself […]

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