Vin Diesel Possessed by the Necronomicon!

My friend Donovan sent me a link to this site, which calls attention to this trailer of Vin Diesel’s new film Babylon A.D. Sorry – the part I want you to see is near the end.

In my role as fearless seeker of the truth in the occult community, I Googled several pictures of Vin Diesel and now know much more about the man’s tattoos (both real and movie-specific) than I – or anyone else – ever wanted to.  Suffice to say, he doesn’t have the seal of the Simon Necronomicon on his neck in real life.

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  1. A gift so no one else need sit through that…

    For further amusement, looking about to see if anyone had mentioned yet why Diesel has that tattoo for the film, I discovered here that H.P. Lovecraft was apparently an “OTO member”!

  2. Ah, didn’t realize images were stripped. M’apologies. It’s just a photo of the scene where the tattoo is clearly visible. If the link will show up without being embedded as an actual image: (If that’s stripped too, feel free to delete this then useless comment.)

  3. Daniel,

    Thanks! I completely missed that!

  4. There’s too damn many Daniels in this Necronomicon business.

  5. Greetings. I’m the guy who posted the article at my blog, Nicenetruth. Mr. Harms knows far more than I do about Lovecraft, and I don’t know whether he was involved in any occult orders. Mr. Harms says that he did not, and he is probably correct. I’ve only read Mr. Harms and Peter Levenda, and this isn’t my area of specialty at all. I recalled reading Levenda’s third volume and thought he made that connection, but I was incorrect. I have since corrected the post.


  6. Anyone know why he’s got the seal of the necronomicon on his neck? I first noticed it while i was browsing from channel to channel and i noticed it right when it landed on that one scene. Can someone tell me? I’m a major HP Lovecraft fan and i really wanna know if the movie has anything to do with the necronomicon. Plese reply and thnks.

  7. Johnny,

    So far as I know, it’s got nothing to do with it. I could be wrong, though.

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