Cult of Cthulhu Update

Passed on from the Cult’s message boards without comment. Consider this a service for potential members and the general public.


If during the time of our rule. what if a practicing mage wishes to partake in ritual sex. however there is by some situation no other magicians around. so he takes a non-member and uses them, against their will, making it rape. Would it be rape? ….

Darrick Dishaw:

interesting question. i don’t see a problem with talking about moral and ethical options in a theoretical future…

ordinary people who survive the Emerald Apocalypse, sleeple or whatever you want to call them, will probably either be hiding, sacrificed, or put into slavery. as far as code of conduct regarding slaves is concerned, it usually goes without saying that a master can have sex with his slaves whenever he wants.


I’m sure these kind of fantasies can be fun for lonely guys who are lacking in social skills and never get laid.

But I’m having a hard time seeing how someone who cant get a sexual partner could organize and rule the world.


wow, what a f*cking downer you are, curwen! what would your namesake say?

the question of what to do in a situation of unwilling or unavailable partners for a sex magic ritual is cogent one. obviously, in this day and age rape is illegal and unacceptable. ….

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  1. That’s it. I’m writing a book.


  2. “If during the time of our rule. what if a practicing mage wishes to make doodie. however there is by some situation no doodie pots around. so he runs around in a panic, unable to decide what to do, until he makes it in his pants. Would it make him a Mr Doodie Pants? ….”

    I’m sorry, but after picking my jaw up off the floor, all I could think of was potie humor.

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