Simon Necronomicon in Hardback

It’s turned up in a couple sources now, so I can indeed confirm that the Necronomicon edited/authored by Simon (or maybe his evil twin) will be issued in hardback in a new “deluxe edition” in December.

You’ll notice that I’m not linking to it here, and that’s not because I don’t like Simon. It’s because the book is selling for the jaw-dropping price of $125. Still, even that’s not a sufficient reason, as I’ve reviewed more expensive materials in the past, and you might find it more cheaply in other places.

In all the promotional materials I’ve seen, the “deluxe” edition contains only the following advantages over the paperback that’s over $100 less:

  • A hard cover
  • A new preface

That’s it. And what’s in the new preface, you ask? I’ve only seen one possible hint:

The Necronomicon has been found to contain formulae for spiritual transformation that is consistent with some of the most ancient mystical processes in the world, processes that were not public knowledge when the book was first published: processes that involve communion with the stars.

That’s right! For $125, you might be paying for a condensed version of what’s available in Gates of the Necronomicon for $7.99. I have considerable sympathy for Simon on this front, seeing how his work on this was appropriated without credit by Peter Levenda, but I have to draw the line there.

Now, maybe there are some other material added to this book, but none of it’s been mentioned in any of the three notices I’ve seen for it. I’ll let you know if I find out more.

UPDATE:  Nebo points out the existence of $25 hardcover Necronomicons from such reputable publishers like Lulu, but I’m guessing those are the pirated editions that are trying to unfairly profit from what others have rightfully stolen.  FTL observes via email that the Veritable Key of Solomon, providing a never before published manuscript of a classic magic work, is only $65, thereby once again making the Necronomicon the rich man’s Key of Solomon.

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  1. For those of you who actually bothered to come down here, I can reveal that there’s also a SPECIAL LEATHER-BOUND LIMITED EDITION of the same book, signed by Simon himself*, for over twice the price above!

    * If the precedent of past reports by those on the Magickal Childe scene is followed, “signed by Simon himself” might mean “signed by Simon or whoever happened to be around that day himself.” I think the gentleman issuing this edition is more scrupulous than Slater, though.

  2. He could at least put, in invisible ink, “Thanks for the money suckers!” on every 7th or 13th pages.

  3. Well if you really want a hardcover copy of the necro Lulu has it every october for about $25 or so

  4. Perhaps it comes with a free bat?

  5. Only if it’s a large bat!

  6. Eh, there are other places to get bats without shelling out for books. Like here (scroll down). And before you quibble over pricing, the price of a large bat mounted on cardboard is still less than the “deluxe hardcover.” 🙂

  7. I agree with Harms on this one. The price is really a little high. I think it might have been a better idea if Avon were to print some of the out-of-print books that were mentioned in the suggested reading list.

  8. […] I’ve received my new edition of Simon’s infamous Necronomicon that was announced previously.  Is it worth your hard-earned (or not) […]

  9. I received my ordered copy of the Necronomicon limited leatherbound edition the other day. I have to admit, it IS beautiful. For a comic book.

  10. You can not even get Simon Bucher – Jones King in Yellow in hardcover, as yet. But the Simonomicon? Of course!

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