The Veritable Key of Solomon: Update

Stephen Skinner, editor of The Veritable Key of Solomon mentioned in a previous post, dropped by with the following information:

The Llewellyn edition will be a black and white 432 page Hardback edition. The actual production (as with the Complete Magician’s Tables) will be done by the Golden Hoard team, so I can assure you it will not fall apart. The separate limited quarter leather edition being produced by Golden Hoard ( will have the same 432 pages, but it will be produced in full colour so all the original colour pentacles will be reproduced. The baseline is a French manuscript scribed for a French aristocrat in 1796. It is not the earliest, but it is the most detailed. The book contains two separate Keys, one from the ‘King Solomon’ tradition, and one from the ‘Rabbi Solomon’ tradition in order to cover as much of the material as possible. Commentary on all the manuscripts including the earlier Greek manuscripts will be part of the introduction.

This sounds like an excellent book all around.  It’s a shame Papers is not run on a deluxe leatherbound budget,  so I’ll have to content ourselves with a review of the Llewellyn edition.  Still, this will be an important contribution to the study of magical iconography.

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