Alan Moore’s Latest Book

Slated for 2010, we have Alan Moore’s The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic.  From the blurb:

In addition to these manifold delights, the adventurous reader will also discover a series of helpful travel guides to mind-wrenching alien dimensions that are within comfortable walking distance, as well as profiles of the many quaint local inhabitants that one might bump into at these exotic resorts. A full range of entertainments will be provided, encompassing such diverse novelties and pursuits as a lavishly decorated decadent pulp tale of occult adventure recounted in the serial form, a full set of this sinister and deathless cult’s never-before-seen Tarot cards, a fold-out Kabalistic board game in which the first player to achieve enlightenment wins providing he or she doesn’t make a big deal about it, and even a pop-up Theatre of Marvels that serves as both a Renaissance memory theatre and a handy portable shrine for today’s multi-tasking magician on the move.

What more could you want?

The reference to the serpent would appear to refer to Alan Moore’s hand-puppet cult of the serpent Glycon.  Or, if it doesn’t, it means I got to use the phrase “hand-puppet cult” on my blog once again, so it’s all good.

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  1. who needs any more staid scholarly literature on magic when we have this colorful picture book of “all there is to know”? 😛

  2. Hey, there’s a fine tradition of books on everything about magic, ranging from A COMPLETE BOOK OF MAGIC SCIENCE to THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES. The more books we have that tell us everything about magic, the more we’ll know about it.


  3. It’s difficult to judge a book one hasn’t read or even seen. I look forward to the work. Alan Moore has seldom disappointed me. Colorful pictures don’t bother me.

  4. […] fan of Moore’s work, not just because he allows me the occasional use of the phrase “hand-puppet cult,” and I hope this comes to fruition. Published […]

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