We Get Necronomicon Posts (5a)

Warlock Asylum has taken the occasion of the new Batman movie to write another post in our ongoing debate:

It is really sad how the Dan Harms machine can move so many people to make judgments of character based on what other people hold personally to them, as there way of exploring the Ancient Tradition, one that is ignored vastly by the New Age community.

(Of course, this meant I had to ask a friend who’s in a band if he could change its name to “the Dan Harms Machine.” He refused, but suggested “Dan Harmy” as an alternative.)

When we last talked, Warlock had asserted that the herb olieribos mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon was actually reed canary grass, as per this site. In fact, that very site included a clarification that olieribos was another plant entirely. His response?

Yes I quoted I site that seem to give a different reference to the herb olieribos on purpose. I’ve known for quite some time about the definition of olieribos, and the definition that Agrippa gives to it. I am also aware that if you can’t obtain some of the hard-to-find writings of Agrippa, then the only resource you have is through the Necronomicon Files, so why I’m I going to take money off of Dan Harms plate. I leave that to Mister Dan Harms’ karma, since he seems to find a lot of joy in taking money off the plate of Simon… So why should I give it away freely unto the one who has discernment. SO I posted the link with the wheat and the chaff, if you use your common sense then you can understand.

For those who are not magicians, “discernment” apparently means the ability to click on a link and read a website.

I certainly haven’t seen any mention of the name olieribos in Agrippa’s works, which are not that hard to find. Perhaps this is another of Warlock’s tests of discernment, to see if I remember what’s in my book and if I can use this newfangled thing. I do hope he clarifies such matters, lest the uninitiated think he’s just not reading web pages or that he actually hasn’t read Agrippa.

Next time, the defense continues…

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  1. Maybe you could change your name to “Mister Dan Harms.”

    “Nice to meet you, I’m Mister Dan Harms.”

    “Hey, isn’t that Mister Dan Harms over there?”

    “Oh Mister! What lovely flowers! Thank you!”

    Of course, you might be invoking unspeakable 80s horrors when people then address letters to Mister Mister Dan Harms.

  2. […] Get Necronomicon Posts (5b) We resume our discussion with Warlock’s response to my observation that the introduction to the Simon Necronomicon […]

  3. I would think that the term “Mister” would imply a sense of respect for the individual who is being addressed, but i see now what sort of individuals support the Dan Harms Machine. I will respond shortly.


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