Ghouls Again

I sat down yesterday and worked up some more material for the ghouls book.  One of the items we’d like to do is to provide a listing of Mythos tomes, with what exactly a reader will find about ghouls in each.  I worked on the Ghoul Manuscript (made famous in Delta Green) for a little while, then I turned to Lin Carter’s versions of the Book of Eibon and the Necronomicon.  To reassure those who might be concerned, I think Carter can be a good source of inspiration if you don’t take his presentation too seriously.  For example, in two different places Carter lists two different “fathers of the ghouls,” which I can then use as an interesting story hook.

Please keep the ideas and comments coming.  For example, I’ve been twice approached in the last 48 hours with the suggestion that I incorporate cynocephaly, and especially the legends surrounding Saint Christopher, so in those go.

I’ve gotten some great feedback from Ken, Bret, and others about what sort of handouts I could create.  My next question is for gamers – what sort of handouts do you want that tell you about ghouls?  Where would your characters look?  In pages from classic Mythos tomes?  Police reports?  Local legends?  (I’m even tempted to write my own Carnacki story, though that might be far afield from the tree.)  Any insight would be appreciated.

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  1. In the coming REDMASK Anthology No.1 there is a story about bottomless pits filled with the offal and bones of millenia. The slightly cynocephalic owners of that place enter the crypts and catacombs of a plague-ridden old city via secret passages, stealing the still warm corpses from the catafalks. Ghoulish enough, non?

  2. I posted over at YSDC, but I would really love to see Honoré Fragonard (1732-1799) included or at least mentioned in relation to ghouls. His work as an anatomist and his Écorchés are simply too wonderful to pass up.

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