Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia – Where Is It?

I’ve heard some people concerned about where to find the Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia.

First, the hardcovers are still being bound, so they’ll be coming in a few weeks.

As for the paperbacks – Elder Signs Press is having some problems with its distributor, which means it might reach such big retailers as Amazon and Barnes & Noble a little late.  (Borders is up in the air.)  I understand that Amazon has canceled the pre-orders, and it might be a month before the books reach Amazon anyway.

Ah, but!  ESP has sent large numbers of the books to other retailers and distributors.  You can see this as a way to support some of your smaller-scale sellers.  Ironically, the only one I can point to at the moment is Chaosium, but you should check your local shops as well.  I’ll let you know when I know more.

So the books are on their way!

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  1. Is Borders being up in the air indicate that they won’t get any copies from distributors or that ESP just doesn’t know when Borders will be getting copies?

  2. There’s some difficulties in coming to an acceptable agreement with Borders at this time. This has more to do with Borders than our distributor, but we don’t have any definite time on this.

  3. If any of your readers are in the Minneapolis area, Adventure Retail (aka The Source Comics & Games) had a bunch of copies at GenCon.

  4. Dan,

    I have the 2nd Edition of the Encyclopedia Cthuliana. Is there anywhere I can find out what’s new in this third edition?

  5. Pfong,

    It’s got all of the entries in that one, plus information on many more products, plus a new introduction. The differences between the editions might not be apparent in some entries, of course.

  6. Thanks Dan, nothing like getting it straight from the source!

  7. A man has just told me that he received a copy of the Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia from Amazon Japan. It is amazing that it is easier to get the book in Japan than in the USA.

  8. Several copies were for sale at Chaosium’s booth at Pacificon this past weekend, for what that’s worth.

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