Pedantry in Lovecraftian Advertising

Via Yog-Sothoth comes this amusing satire on Lovecraft’s advertisements for chocolate.  Sadly, I’m pedantic enough about Lovecraft that my first thought was how Lovecraft actually did write advertising copy for luxury goods in an attempt to raise funds in 1925 during his New York period.  A quick sample from Miscellaneous Writings on the glassworks in Corning, which I viewed in their museum last year:

In Steuben Glass all the nicety and sense of fitness which characterised the best historical glasswares is retained unimpaired, yet not without permitting the creation of pieces adapted to the most modern uses.  HEre may one find vases of the exact shade and shape to blend with one’s favourite blossoms, goblets to add sparkle to one’s particular scheme of dining-room ornamentation, salad and iced-tea sets that fit each special occasion, and comports, sweetmeat-jars, and perfume and cigarette boxes that present the widest possibilities as gifts.  The infinite diversity of blues, greens, ambers, and other tints vie with the crystal-clear models for intrinsic loveliness; and in all there resides that intangible and aristocratic charm which only artistically conceived and hand-executed glassware can obtain.

Joshi assures us – I believe in his HPL biography – that such advertisements were standard fare for the time.  HPL doesn’t seem to have made any money worth mentioning off of them, but the passage does show just how versatile he could be.

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