Ghouls Once Again

I’m over halfway through the readthrough.  When you’re writing a book, there are usually levels of accretion – you write a rough draft of a section,  and later you insert or delete pieces.  This can get rather choppy after a while, which is why going page by page, sentence by sentence is such an important task.  I’m catching plenty of bits where I need to insert an explanation, or include new material.

The other authors are buzzing, and we have at least three really good handouts on ghouls.  Some might appear in the book, while others might be placed on the web for the enterprising Keeper.  I’m holding off on my contributions until the bulk of the book is done, but I’m thinking about an introduction to a 1920s psychoanalytic work on a supposed flesh-eater or a ritual from Cultes des Goules designed to contact a ghoul.

I think I’m still up in the air about the title.  I feel strongly that it should start with the word “Ghouls,” just so people don’t wonder later what was the title of that ghoul sourcebook that Harms guy wrote.  Beyond that, I’m at an impasse.  Suggestions are aprpeciated.

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  1. Ok, must have Ghouls in the title and is a Lovecraftian tome, so how about using the title of an actual lovecraftian tome …:

    Cults of the Ghouls

    Obvious I know, but somehow I’m tickled when a mythos tome is actually printed in real life. But not in the fake Necronomicon way of course 🙂

  2. It’s a possibility, though I prefer to have the word “ghouls” up front, so that it’s easier to find on product lists, etc.

  3. Before seeing your post I was reading the EC Archives collected “Tales from the Crypt” stories and was hit with the idea of a Ghoul based EC style one-off scenario. It’ll be brought to life once the essential ingredient of your supplement is available.

    Unfortunately, due to that reading material, all of the title suggestions I could give would be things like “Don’t Cheat on Your Ghoul-Friend,” “Hungarian Ghoul-ash,” the Ghoul/Voodoo-esque “Ghouls and Dolls,” or the Dreamlands inspired “Ghoul of my Dreams.”

    Pathetic. I know.

    Wait. How ’bout something from the Germanic tradtions… “Ghoulbok” or “Ghoul Book,” or “Ghoulskraedhur.” Of course, it doesn’t work linguistically at all. “Draugraskraedhur” or “Draugrabok” would be more correct which completely gets away from what your aiming for. And Draugr aren’t really ghouls anyway.

    Is there an Arabic book naming convention that would actually work linguistically with Ghul/ghoul? Maybe go that route “Ghoul Book” in Romanized Arabic. Straight, to the point, and exotic sounding at the same time.

  4. Ghouls: A Cannibal Cookbook

    I’m thinking since you want to start with the word “Ghouls” just title the book that and give it some snappy subtitle.

  5. Ghouls: Their Kith and Kin?

  6. Ghouls: Sloppy Seconds

  7. Ghouls: A Deeper Investigation

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