Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia is Here!

I was feeling under the weather, so I came home early to find the Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia sitting on my doorstep – both in hardback and paperback!

If you’re still wondering whether you should pick up a copy of the hardback, you should know the following:

1)  Each copy has a bright green, sewn-in cloth bookmark.

2)  Not only is each of the 200 copies numbered, each one is personalized with a name from the Mythos (with a couple exceptions which have a small illustration).  I figured I’d give each buyer something special to set their copy apart from the rest, as getting, say, number 122 is just dull.

The names on my copies are Basil Elton, Misquamacus, Edward Pickman Derby, Cthylla, Book of Eibon, Cultes des Goules, and Goatswood.  The names are independent of the numbers – for instance, Cthylla is actually Number 1 – which means I left picking up a Cthulhu, Necronomicon, or Lovecraft copy for some other lucky person.  Two of these are promised out, and I’m holding onto the rest.

The other hardcover orders should be on their way shortly.  Enjoy!

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  1. I got an email on the 4th letting me know my hardback copy was ready for shipping.



  2. In case you were wondering, this particular book is NOT an appropriate baby shower gift.

    …and I already paid for my copy some time last year….

  3. My copy showed up today!

    my inscription reads “Devil’s Reef.”

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like fish-men…’

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  5. Cngratulations! Great News!

  6. The story continues:


  7. After being rerouted from our old address, my copy arrived yesterday.

    #11 – Dunwich

    …now to figure out where to put it on the bookshelf….

  8. I am Azathoth… no really its what it says inside the front cover.

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