We Get Necronomicon Questions – Yes, Again

Warlock Asylum has brought his Necronomicon defense to a close, here and here, and has been waiting patiently for a response.  Some key lines:

It is very interesting how fans of Lovecraft could constantly yell that the Simon Necronomicon is a hoax, and never turn the criticism towards Lovecraft’s invention of the Necronomicon. How could someone who held anti-Semitic views be able to capture an accurate description of the ancient world according to the Mad Arab.


H.P. Lovecraft was reared in an area that had a history of taking action against individuals who practiced witchcraft… because of the persecution against Witchcraft, which has
occurred over the past four centuries, many occultists would convey certain occult teachings through fiction to avoid persecution.

There’s a number of ways we could handle this.  We could point out that these two arguments contradict each other – Lovecraft could hardly be hiding secret lore in his fiction if he didn’t understand it.  We could point out the troubling implications of saying that anyone who ever lived in an area with witch-trials – say, Western Europe – cannot be trusted on the topic of occultism.  We could observe that reducing this to the level of HPL’s psychology circumvents any actual discussion of the actual content of his message.  We could even just ignore it.

Or,  we could follow the premise to its logical end:  If Lovecraft is not trustworthy because he was an anti-Semite living in an area where witch-trials were present, then Aleister Crowley, who Warlock insists wrote the Necronomicon, is even less trustworthy as a source on the topics of that book.  For example, Crowley was responsible for publishing this:

Human sacrifices are to-day still practised by the Jews of Eastern Europe, as is set forth at length by the late Sir Richard Burton in the MS. which the wealthy Jews of England have compassed heaven and earth to suppress, and evidenced by the ever-recurring Pogroms against which so senseless an outcry is made by those who live among those degenerate Jews who are at least not cannibals.

As for the issue of witch-trials – Crowley came from England.  Need I say more?

This is not to justify anti-Semitism, nor is it to state that those with anti-Semitic views should be dismissed out of hand.  I simply do not see why we should not treat both figures by the standards Warlock has kindly set for us, which have led us into essential agreement about the historic worth of the Necronomicon.

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  1. We’re not Europeans we are British, god damn it man there’s a good 11 miles of water seperate up from the European hoi paloi.

  2. With a defense like that, who needs criticism?

  3. I know what you mean Mike Tice, where does Harms get his defence from? !!

  4. […] nothing to do with the content of Professor Horowitz’s book. It’s a smear, the same as the one he tried to use against Lovecraft, only this one is completely speculative regarding Dr. Horowitz’’s beliefs and […]

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