The Complete Book of Magic Science and the Secret Grimoire of Turiel: An Announcement

Those of you who followed my series of posts on A Complete Book of Magic Science and The Secret Grimoire of Turiel – including the comments – might be glad to hear that Phil Legard and I are teaming up in classic buddy movie fashion to clean up the mean streets of Detroit, or, failing that, to write an article of some sort on the two works and the connections between them.

I should add that we’ve also gotten a great deal of useful insight from Alan Thorogood, but we’re not sure how he feels about Detroit.

Right now, we’re going at this from two ends.  On one, we have the bookshop of John Denley, at which Frederick Hockley assembled “several” copies of the CBoMS for his clients, all of which went out in the world in various guises and possibly small variations.  On the other, we have the mysterious figure of Marius Malchus (I think we’ve pinned down the source for the name) and a curious magical order with which he was associated at the time of Turiel’s publication.  We’d like to figure out how the two books connect, though I’m not hopeful that time and the secrecy of the occult community will provide an answer.

Thus, if any of my readers have any information, please get in touch with me through the comments.  I’ve been hoping for years that I’d find an article about the mysterious Grimoire of Turiel, but now it looks as if Phil and I will have to write it.

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  1. I have tracked down two other manuscript copies, but I haven’t had a chance to do a detailed comparison of all the sources yet. It’s on my to-do list for the next month or 2. I know there is at least one other (mentioned by Adam McLean as “ms. in private collection” . I’m looking forward to hearing more about your findings.

  2. […] Search of John Denley Phil and I have been corresponding back and forth about our project attempting to link the Complete Book of Magical Science with the Secret Grimoire of […]

  3. On a subject related to this book (The Complete Book of Magic Science)…can anyone tell me what the words around the *outer* circle are? The perimeter has Luke 10:18-19, and the inner circle has ADONAY, AGLA, ELOY, ELOHIM. However, I’m struggling to make out the words in the outer circle. I see Sachiel, Castiel, and Asasiel (all spirits of Jupiter) but the rest is unclear. I’d appreciate any help.

  4. Theodor,

    I’d tell you, but right now Phil and I are keeping those revelations to ourselves and a few select people, so we can publish them. Someone with a background in grimoires should be able to figure out what’s going on, though.

  5. […] at 6 AM this morning to head to Westchester County, to examine a recently-rediscovered copy of the Complete Book of Magic Science.  M. wandered around for a while and then returned to help me with some transcription.  We then […]

  6. None of you have any idea what you are referencing furthermore not one of you have any idea exactly of the wisdom & knowledge that your claiming to have knowledge of. If you did you would understand the ramifications & consequences from the writings that dwell within the pages & sure is not a childs game that renders the magister who posses the grimoire mentally and intellectually retarded rather they would possess the ethics virtue & such values it would seem they been charge by the powers and kingdoms of light

  7. Roughly you and phil are bullshit artists and are intellectual equivalent to a tube worm. The true possessor of such knowledge on a website of such and be advertising it as a keep away game would expect every magical lodge, order, secret society black lodge, coven or seeker of magical power & knowledge to come nocking at your door half of them to magority
    Do whatever it would take to remove such texts from mentally retarded humans. Hence why i say you know nothing. Nore possess any of its writings or knowledge. Lying fraudulent shit talker. People such as yourselfs is one the reasons occult & magical arts have been and are hidden from the magority of the worlds human populations

  8. Manly P. Hall, in his magnum opus, mentions the Complete book (an earlier edition), with pact attributed to Pabiel. This to me indicates a tradition that may have also branched over time and may also relate back to the Arbatel. The circle in Hall, looks different, but is actually the “same” as Hockley, both deriving from the Heptameron…

    • Stephen – we have seen the Manly P. Hall material, and we’ve even tried to track down the original manuscript from which Hall derived this work.

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