Cult of Cthulhu Update

Once again – sigh – we return to the antics of the Cult of Cthulhu.  The message board thread from which the following was extracted has now been deleted, but I wanted to keep the following material up for those who might join or do business with this group in the future.

Cult of Cthulhu Representative, writing about the “CthulhuCon 2” convention:

visit the link for details! it’s going to be the definitive gathering of HPL enthusiasts, Call Of Cthulhu players, Mythos Buffs, Occultists, and more!!!…


… check out the flyer its going to be an AWESOME event! we’ll be talking about HPL, discussing some philosophy in regards to his work and the Mythos, and even playing some Call Of Cthulhu!

My response:

According to the site, the convention “will focus solely on the religious and magical (how synonymous are they?) components of Lovecraft’s creations.” In fact, it explicitly states that the gaming and literary sides of Lovecraft appreciation will not be covered at the conference. Perhaps you should become more familiar with the material on that page?

CoC Rep:

alright. you caught me. it just seems like people on here have a gnarly bias already, how else am i to get you to click the link to see if you still like the material being presented at CC2?


You could be honest with people about what the event’s about, for starters. Tricking people to click on a link so they can find out they’re not interested doesn’t reflect well upon you, the event, the organization you claim to represent, or your professed faith.

CoC Rep:

that depends. in sales its widely taught that a bit of misdirection is ethically ok, if the end result is the customer buying and being happy with the product.

i just dont see what the big deal is here, why is everyone so hostile?

are you having a horrible day, man? are you ok?

does anyone else view me as a dirty, rotten trickster? hahaha you swear, man… clicking on the link reading for like 5 seconds and seeing you arent into it, you act like it’s a huge crime and like seriously immoral or something.

when worst case scenario i wasted 5 seconds of your time and didn’t screw up your entire day!

nicely as i can put it, lighten up, bro… for yourself if for no one else. stress and negativity are wasted energy. save it.

anyone like orgies and heralding the end of this world? ever wanted to usher in a new age of torture and enslavement?! i got the link for YOU!

A word of advice from Papers:  When promoting an event, never send a representative to an off-topic website to make up details about it and endorse slavery and torture. Plus, many convention venues take a dim view of orgies, so you might not wish to advertise them up front.

On the upside, this promotion did not involve promising to kill the cult’s enemies through black magic, so perhaps the Cult is learning.

How about you readers interested in heralding the end of the world?  You’ll will be disappointed to know that “CthulhuCon 2” isn’t even the name of the convention.

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  1. I see the con is actually called Cthulhu 2…

    …Electric Cthughaloo?

  2. What I found interesting was this comment: ” in sales its widely taught that a bit of misdirection is ethically ok, if the end result is the customer buying and being happy with the product.” In fact, this is wrong. To take just one of many sales organizations, acording to the American Marketing Association’s Statement of Ethics it is unethical to commit this ‘bait-and-switch’ advertising strategy. In fact, they explicitly state that in sales one should make sure their message is “not intentionally deceptive or misleading.”
    This is because, quite simply, associating one’s advertising with deception leads to a mistrust of their future advertising. In short, advertisers risk shooting themselves in the foot and having potential customers either ignore or show hostility towards the product and/or its manufacturer. And there is also a risk for other salesmen who face an uphill battle to restore some trust in their message. Call it The-Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf effect.

    On an upnote, however, I haven’t seen any convention venues explicitly outlaw orgies. Unless they are under the category of an unsafe activity or involve fog, smoke effects or laser light shows. Which , really, if you are going to have an end of the world orgy honoring Cthulhu, you should have at least some smoke effects.

  3. Thanks for the info. I did come across some information about the gathering a few days ago, though I was not aware of wo the event was organized. I actually thought at first that your group may have been involved. i like the page change. Looks really good. Keep up the good work!

  4. […] success” in conference promotion as sending a representative to a message board who lies about the convention, gets caught doing it, and then leads to a forum-wide ban on posts on the topic being instituted, with no proof that […]

  5. […] The first person therein is B’Lahk’Neeth, who impressed Darrick with his ability to lie to people about an upcoming Cult event for no good reason.   His acceptance speech: where do begin? oh my many-tentacled god, im going to fucking rock at […]

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