The Goetia and Area 51?

Via Papers reader Bret comes this post on the Coast to Coast site:

I had just that day been shown some photos of an area approximately 60 mi. WNW of Area 51 where there exists a large Star of David-like design (Fig. 1) in the Earth. Approximately 15 mi. N of the star design is a triangle design (Fig. 2) which contains concentric circles.

Compare these images with the “magic circle and triangle” (Fig. 3) from page 70 of a book called The Goetia edited by S.L. MacGregor Mathers.

There’s some slight similarity between them, but nothing that looks particularly damning.  And yes, I did check in Google Earth before posting here, so those features do show up in their database.  At any rate, maybe someone on the ground in Nevada will eventually reveal just what’s going on here.

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