Cthulhu Convention – A Call for Tolerance

It’s time for Papers to once again embrace a stance of religious tolerance.   For example, let’s take a recent Cult of Cthulhu mailing forwarded to me about their new convention

just promoting the gathering will increase the number of people hearing about the Cult of Cthulhu itself… always a good thing.  look at the recent success with XXXXXXXX!

I should remind my readers that we should be accommodating of other people’s views.  If Darrick wants to define a “recent success” in conference promotion as sending a representative to a message board who lies about the convention, gets caught doing it, and then leads to a forum-wide ban on posts on the topic being instituted, with no proof that anyone actually wants to come to the convention, who can say he’s wrong?

every disturbance we cause (within reason, we don’t want everyone thinking we’re just pushy asshole spammers), makes us stronger and decreases the universe’s power to keep us down.

so try some of the more prickly places of the net like the 600club or occultforums.  anywhere you can think of!

Remember, we need to be respectful of others’ faith.  Thus, any suggestion that Darrick’s “strength via trolling Internet message boards” theology is just plain silly will not be tolerated.

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  1. […] By this time, however, Darrick’s masterful strategy has run into a slight snag, insofar as he’s been banned from most of the relevant Internet forums on which he could have posted.  This is a dangerous situation, as it makes Darrick incapable of making himself stronger by annoying people. […]

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