Picatrix Volume 2 Appears!

I’ve actually been fairly busy on the grimoire research front.  That mainly manifests itself in hastily scribbled notes that I leave in a hollow tree for Phil Legard to pick up.  That’s a lie, but we’ve been uncovering a lot of material that shouldn’t be posted to the blog.  I might start sifting through and finding some interesting items I can put up here – small incantations and the like.

The second volume of the Picatrix just arrived at my doorstep from Ouroboros Press.  It’s much thicker than I thought it would be, and the binding has inexplicably changed colors, but nonetheless, it’s here.  (Lovecraft fans will be amused that I got Number 118.)  I’ll be reading that, but it’s behind a bunch of other material here at the Undisclosed Location, so a review might be a while in coming.

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  1. I’m waiting for my copy but it is good to know that they are going out.

  2. […] also finished up quite a bit of reading, between Marsh Wizards and the Picatrix, so I’m optimistic about having reviews of both in the near future, along with further […]

  3. […] the Shelf: The Picatrix, Volume 2 As announced previously, the new edition of the Picatrix is out from Ouroboros Press, and I’ve received my copy and […]

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