All-Around Update

A while back, I took a tumble down a staircase and broke two bones in my foot.  As a result, I’m hopping around on crutches and generally making a nuisance of myself.  Plus, my old computer (practically old enough for first grade) gave out.  Thus, I am very much a work in progress at the moment.

(Note to members of disagreeable mystical orders:  If you wish to claim credit for these events, please post the dates and times at which they occurred in the comments.  Papers will not have any upstarts claiming what others have fairly earned.)

At this point, much of my gaming (both in-person and Averoigne) is on hold between the two events. We’re engaging in an irregular 3.5 D&D game in which my primary character is the Blue Knight, a woman (or man?) driven to vast acts of bravery and stupidity in the name of glory.  In our past two sessions, our group hooked up with a tiefling conjurer in an ape costume before being turned into mice.  The Blue Knight punched a rat repeatedly before fighting off a cheese golem guarding a wheel of putrid brie and growing back to regular size, apparently by giving long-winded and pompous speeches.

Nonetheless, the lack of gaming has given me more time to work with Phil on our ongoing project on the Complete Book of Magic Science.  We might – and I stress might – have a possible name for Marius Malchus, author of the Secret Grimoire of Turiel, as well as the name of a secretive order which he once headed.  On the other end, we’ve been delving into the occult underground of the early nineteenth century in which Frederick Hockley found his formative influence.  The more closely I examine this era, the more I am convinced that everyone in 1800s London knew everyone else.  Thanks to everyone who’s helped out so far, especially Alan and Joe.  We’ll try not to disappoint when the article comes out.

As I haven’t hit every tag yet, I can also add that our old friend Peter Levenda has made a new post to his blog.  As a public service, let me quote the relevant parts:

Is John McCain a Manchurian Candidate? Most probably not.

At any rate, I still owe James an Honorius post, I picked up the new Barnes and Noble Lovecraft collection, and we have other little tidbits to share as time goes on.

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