Cult of Cthulhu Update: The Instigators

The Cult of Cthulhu forum was open to the public again, so I decided to stop by and check up on Darrick Dishaw and his group.

Many religious groups seek to expand their influence by canvassing door to door, or distributing leaflets, or by writing books.  The Cult of Cthulhu spends much of its outreach on posting to Internet forums, being ejected, and returning to their own boards to proclaim triumph at their cleverness in getting booted and to dream of revenge against those who ejected them.

“But Dan,” you might ask, “Why would they want to take revenge on people who were instrumental in giving them triumph?”  Clearly you’re missing the big picture:  it saves them from having to actually talk to people and convert them, which is the boring part of expanding an organization.  Given that it’s also the part that causes an organization to expand, it’s not really that effective.

By this time, however, Darrick’s masterful strategy has run into a slight snag, insofar as he’s been banned from most of the relevant Internet forums on which he could have posted.  This is a dangerous situation, as it makes Darrick incapable of making himself stronger by annoying people.

The latest indignity came with being ejected from a Gurdjieff forum.  The moderators foiled his plans to infiltrate the group by doing the unexpected – actually clicking on the link in Darrick’s profile!  Darrick was quick to defend himself his case:

this is the definition of religion (found on the internet):  a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe…

to ban us because of your negative impression concerning certain buzz words like “Satan” or “Cult”, denies us our humanity.

Sadly, not even quoting the Internet could save Darrick’s forum account – and, by extension, his humanity.

Thus did Darrick post on his forum a list of volunteer positions, including recruiters, editors, web developers, advertisers, public relations officers, and a final category:

Instigator – incites enthusiasm, gets people talking, arguing… a provocateur and rabble-rouser.

Darrick went on to state the expectations of this position:

Instigators will find fertile ground in places that have a high volatility ratio… or places that already despise us, like the 600 club forum, Satannet, and

As this is the only position on the list that does not require specialized knowledge, such as how to interact with others, it is naturally the only one that has been filled.  The first person therein is B’Lahk’Neeth, who impressed Darrick with his ability to lie to people about an upcoming Cult event for no good reason.   His acceptance speech:

where do begin? oh my many-tentacled god, im going to fucking rock at this. i was BORN for this! if i can do one thing well, its using words, especially those written, to shut down and demoralize people. always had the knack. this is gonna be fuckin FUN!

B’Lahk’Neeth seems to be a good choice – after all, who can deny his ability to use words, especially those written?  I have faith that someday the world might even tremble at his mastery of punctuation, capitalization, and complete sentences.

Nonetheless, the position of Instigator calls for more than this.  He must also be a master of psychology, able to detect the chinks in his foe’s mental armor.  He must exploit these to the fullest, gaining intuitive knowledge of a person’s very essence.  In short, he must play his opponent’s mind like a harp, using his deep insight into their personality to destroy them.

interest, even superfan devotion to HPL does not presuppose any interest in the occult whatsoever, for a prime example look to all those fucking tools on the yog-sothoth forums. yeah i mean YOU, dan harms!

We’re doomed.  No question about it.

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  1. well put, dan. as always, i appreciate your candor. however, there are a few details i’d like to point out.

    1. B’Lahk’Neeth was only a member of the CoC for about 3 weeks or so before taking such actions. it remains to be seen how he’ll work out, but i remain hopeful.

    2. B’Lahk’Neeth actually didn’t lie, he exaggerated the truth. our Cthulhu 2 Convention WILL have such activities as roleplaying, card, and board games devoted to the Cthulhu Mythos. C2C will mostly involve the occult aspects of Lovecraft, but not exclusively. gamers are just as welcome as magicians.

    3. occasionally, i and other Cultists get banned because of people’s fear… fear of what we’re about. i have been banned from many a forum, but i only threaten or antagonize after the same has been done to me.

    4. you don’t have to wait for a non-mandatory login time. as long as you’re civil and somewhat constructive with your criticism, or at least open minded regarding how we react to your ideas… i won’t ban you from the Cult of Cthulhu forum. in fact, i would welcome your participation. being a High Priest isn’t easy and i do make mistakes. it would be nice, for a change, to receive aid instead of condemnation. but no matter what you say about me, dan, i will be your punching bag… if you need one.

    Ia Ia,


  2. 1) Given the low standards you’ve set, I think he won’t have trouble with that. You might ask him to research my lack of interest in the occult…

    2) Your website still states that “While Cthulhu 1 focused on the literary, film, and gaming aspects of the Mythos, C2C will focus solely on the religious and magical (how synonymous are they?) components of Lovecraft’s creations.” You’re still not getting your story straight. Why put up with irate gamers who’ve come to the convention for CoC only to sit through occult lectures while hoping for a pickup game later?

    3) We’re on the Internet, Darrick. We can read most of those posts. In most cases, you and your friends have been kicked off forums for violating the terms of service, or for not really contributing much more than links to your site, or for lack of candor about what they’re doing. You follow up with claiming fear or prejudice, threatening that you’ll sue them for violating your civil rights (which I find particularly funny), or asserting that this shows how right you are for being persecuted. You then plot to have others go back to those sites to do the same thing, as if this will vindicate you.

    In short, you’ve been kicked off for acting inappropriately. Acknowledge it, and move on to activities more productive than starting a flame war.

    4) Perhaps I will create an account. I think someone needs to keep an eye on you as a public service.

  3. the definition of focus: a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.

    there will be non-magic and non-religious Lovecraftian activities/events/merchandise at C2C, but the sole (or chief) focus of the convention will definitely NOT be on gaming, comic books, movies, etc.

    having cleared that up… yes, dan. i’m sure that you are absolutely right and that i am absolutely wrong.

    thanks for setting me straight,


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