Avoid McAfee SecurityCenter

I’ve been getting the new Dell set up here, and I wanted to pass on the following message/rant:

The fine folks at McAfee are having some issues in which their entire application screen turns blank when opened.  This is due to a conflict with Internet Explorer 8 Beta (don’t ask me why a change in web browser would cause the antivirus to malfunction).  I have learned that McAfee says that it does not support beta software and that it is waiting for Microsoft to fix the patch.

There are three problems here:

  1. Internet Explorer 8 Beta is now standard for an out-of-the-box Dell, as is McAfee.  Thus, they will usually be on the same system.
  2. As of XP Service Pack 3, IE8B cannot be uninstalled from the system, so that means McAfee will never work on these systems until Microsoft “fixes” IE8B.
  3. McAfee is basing its entire support scheme on Microsoft rushing to “fix” their browser.  I’m certain Microsoft, hearing that third-party software doesn’t work due to their browser, will get right on that.

It might be that McAfee will correct these problems.  If so, I invite them to stop by and let people know.  After all, if they’ve given up on that whole “getting software to work” part of their business, they might as well hang out here.

We’ll return to regularly-scheduled programming tomorrow.

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  1. Three solutions to your three problems:

    1) Nuke XP, install Ubuntu. Problem solved and you’ll be much happier in the long run.
    2) If the above is not an option, go here:
    3) McAfee is a festering pile of bloated cr@pware that sucks enormous throbbing donkey schlong. IMO. ClamWin, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Lavasoft AdAware are all free and do a better job.

    Bonus round: Use Firefox instead of IE. Trust me on this.

    Lemme know if you need any remote tech support.

  2. Dru,

    I got myself set up with AVG, though it took a little effort to get it to play nice with my mail program. Ubuntu has been encouraged, but as a writer, I need the Microsoft suite of products and a system that doesn’t require effort to install programs (I know someone who’s used it).

    One clarification: I use Firefox, so the default browser does not in any way affect the situation with McAfee. The mere presence of both apparently causes the glitch.

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