Dan Announces Work on New Call of Cthulhu Campaign

Today, Dan Harms, a writer for Sixtystone Press, announced that he was beginning work on a new campaign for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.  Details are sketchy, mainly because Dan hasn’t made them up yet, but it will center upon a familiar Old One.

Let’s get to our breathtaking fake press conference:

Q.:  What will occur in this campaign?

A.:  I’m going to destroy humanity.

Q.:  Why are you going to do that?

A.:  Because it’s never been done before.

Q.:  What era is this campaign for, and why?

A.:  Though I intend to provide conversion notes for 1920s groups, It will be a modern campaign.  This allows us to provide something for the under-served modern players and to explore some interesting terrain that we might otherwise miss.

Besides, if I destroy humanity in the Roaring Twenties, I won’t be around to write the campaign.

Q.:  Will this be one of those “globe-trotting” campaigns?

A.:  If enough people ask me, I might work in these guys.

I’m conceiving the campaign as a massive road trip across the US, with perhaps one interesting side trip.  How it’ll end up, I’m not sure.

Q.:  You mentioned this campaign involves a particular Old One heavily.  Will this be a new take on this entity?

A.:  Hell no!  This will be an old take on this entity, one of those “That makes sense.  Why didn’t anyone do that before?” takes.

Q.:  Didn’t a veteran Call of Cthulhu writer once say that there was a reason nobody ever wrote more than one of these campaigns?

A.:  I remember that, but I don’t recall who said it.  If I carry out this project, though, I can be the one who says it, which will save me from having to remember.

Q.:  Are you actually going to do this, what with the Turiel project and the blog and everything?

A.:  I’ll give it a good, solid try and see where that takes me.

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  1. ”a familiar Old One” Is it Rhan-Tegoth?

  2. The name of the particular Old One is unconfirmed as of yet.

  3. You going to destroy ALL of humanity, or just SOME of humanity?

  4. ALL of humanity! Well, I mean, there might be a few I miss, but the goal is ALL.

  5. I love road-trips. Can I turn your scenario into a 1:1 scale LARP?

  6. I for one heartily look forward to the coming destruction of all humanity.

    I’m also putting my money on, mmm… Great Cthulhu himself, to feature as “a familiar Old One”.

  7. I’m not so sure about the Globetrotters… but can you work “Sweet Georgia Brown” in as an unholy song somewhere? ;-p

  8. Is it wise to trifle with the Globetrotters? They once defeated a team of (supposedly) invincible nuclear mutants (see http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Harlem_Globetrotters)

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