A Couple Releases for Occultists and Gamers

For those who might have been interested in A Collection of Magical Secrets as previously mentioned, David Rankine has kindly put up a description of the contents, including the following:

Many of the simple charms resemble the writings of Albertus Magnus and also the nineteenth century French pseudo-grimoires of black magick, such as the Grimoire of Pope Honorius III, the Red Dragon and Grimoirum Verum.  The charms referred to as coming from Agrippa include a wider range of material.  As well as many healing cantrips, there are a number of examples of how to gain a familiar spirit, plus the inevitable charms for winning in love and gambling.

There’s quite a bit more than that as well.

On the gaming end of matters, the long-promised Pagan Publishing supplement Mysteries of Mesoamerica for Call of Cthulhu is now ready for pre-orders.  The shipping costs are still rather steep ($13), but you’ll be able to tell whether that’s worth it for you and your group.

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