All-Around Update

I’ve been spending the holidays with family in Ann Arbor.  Due to my injured foot, the role of chaffeur and porter has been played by the long-suffering but generous woman of mystery known only as M.

For the benefit of bibliophiles visiting Ann Arbor, I shall convey the following impressions:

  • Shaman Drum, despite the name, has very little to do with shamans, drumming, or esotericism, but has sections on anthropology, history, and classics that must be seen to be believed.
  • Dawn Treader is the best spot for works of Lovecraftiana, horror and science fiction magazines, magic, Wicca, lodge-style ceremonial magic, and the like, though the organizational scheme is a nightmare.
  • Finally, what Crazy Wisdom lacks in comprehensive coverage in some esoteric areas it more than makes up for in sheer volume – I happened across both Dr. Rudd and Abramelin sitting happily on a shelf.  Their tea’s pretty good, too.  They need better night lighting of their sign – my companions were quite surprised when I pointed across the street with my crutch, shouted, “I see Wisdom!” and started hopping in that direction.

As for the campaign – 9,115 words, and the Eastbrook Covenant is finished.  The rough draft is, anyway.  I think I’ll write an interlude piece or two before I go for the next proper chapter.

Feel free to weigh on your holidays in the comments.

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  1. Ah, I see the Underworld on South U. closed some time ago. David’s Books is worth checking out if it’s still there. Is Bill still working at the Dawn Treader?

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