The Maqlu Text Online

Ross Caldwell, one of our commenters, has pointed us to the Maqlu Text online put up by some of his associates.  As you might recall from my wish list, this Akkadian incantation against the curses of witches was quoted in the Simon Necronomicon.  I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, so feel free to share any discoveries in the comments.

Word count:  11,115.

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  1. Seems your link is outdated:

  2. No, the folks at Enenuru have just added a preface (and an informative one) – the links to the translated tablets are at the foot of the page.

    I would have preferred a bilingual presentation, with line numbers, but this isn’t my page.

  3. Here’s a PDF of the text and translation

    The transcription is Meier’s, with some additions from Abusch’s work up to the 1990s. I have not seen his new work.

    Tallqvist’s text, while wholly superceded by Meier, has the advantage of having been published when Assyriologists still published with “standard” cuneiform fonts. His edition with the cuneiform text in the Acta Societatis Scientiarum Fennicae XX, is available at the Internet Archive –

    I’ve made a concordance between Meier and Tallqvist for anyone interested who can’t read cuneiform but wants to use the cuneiform text in amulets and whatnot.

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