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Due to snow and other local happenings, I’ve been taking a couple days off to lounge about the Undisclosed Location and slack off.

I’m still working on the campaign, and I think I’ve gotten past a small piece of writer’s block on the second adventure.  I was running into trouble because I wanted the investigators to find an object in the middle of a bustling city, leaving it up to them to chart their own course in finding it.  I wasn’t sure that they’d find sufficient clues to do it.  The answer, of course, was to leave more clues in the first chapter to pursue.  Now that’s humming along nicely. (Word count 15,409.)

We concluded our Cthulhu campaign this Thursday, after many delays.  The final count:

  • One investigator tossed to his death from the embrace of the King in Yellow
  • One investigator driven insane by the revelation that she was the Queen in Red
  • One investigator gunned down by his friends
  • Two investigators who went off with King Arthur to conquer the Andromeda Nebula; and
  • One investigator who became the governor of New Jersey.

It was sometimes a tiring game to run, but I’m glad I ran it nonetheless.

Later,  the final part of the Key of Solomon review, and some more campaign updates.

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