On the Shelf – The Veritable Key of Solomon, Part 3

Seeing as a new edition of the Key of Solomon has come out, it’s best that I finish my review on the previous one, no?

Aside from including three different versions of the book, the Veritable Key also has an extensive amount of material that should keep readers happy for some time to come.  The introduction provides a detailed look at the history of the Key of Solomon.  This will largely be more useful to those not familiar with the Solomonic tradition, but even scholars thereof might find information of use to them.

As this book proves, numerous Keys of Solomon have circulated down through the ages, with Robert Mathiesen providing a preliminary breakdown of types in the Societas Magica newsletter.  Skinner and Rankine have had access to more manuscripts and have done much more to identify the various traditions, even including a convenient chart showing which chapters the books have in common. They even list books in private collections and those that have been mistakenly thought to be Keys.

Add on top of all of this a lengthy bibliography and a thorough index, and you have a book that is certainly worth the price.  I have to admit it even was for me – a single footnote here gave Phil and I much food for thought.  I can only hope that the Llewellyn edition follows swiftly, so that more readers and library collections will have an opportunity to view this wonderful work.  In the meantime, hats off to Golden Hoard for this release!

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  1. Hmmm..Sounds far Better than a Hardcover Simonicon. LOL. I’ll be checking This out For Sure.

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  3. […] ordered Skinner and Rankine’s Veritable Key of Solomon, mostly because of the positive review Daniel Harms gave it. I have just begun to dip into it, but wow. Tons to work with here–three versions of […]

  4. […] book provides the contents of Wellcome MS 4669 that do not appear in the Veritable Key of Solomon.  Skinner and Rankine made an editorial decision to part the “Grimoire” sections, […]

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