All-Around Update

So I’m re-emerging from the writing process once again (24K words already, when 50K is a nice-sized campaign).  It occurs to me that not being able to discuss what’s going on in the campaign is really frustrating my ability to post.  Thus, my New Years’ gift to all of you will be the name of the campaign on which I’m working for Sixtystone.

Plus, I should have a review up of Super Genius Games’ Halloween release Midnight Harvest shortly, plus a quick look at an article on magic I’ve been reading, plus the long-neglected Averoigne conclusion.  So, watch this space, and have a merry holiday!

Published in: on December 24, 2008 at 12:45 am  Comments (1)  

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  1. (Never knew where to write this so I post it in the comments)

    Just got your “Encyclopedia”. Man, it’s one HELL of a book. Not a bedside reading, of course, more like a reference material, but made my week nevertheless.
    BTW, got it in limited edition and accidentally it was number 111 of two hundred copies. Never could’ve imagined that. It’s a sign, don’t you think?

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