Fury of Yig: A Tome of Disrespect, Part 2

As we discussed in our last installment, tomes are largely sidelined in Call of Cthulhu games, and I’d like to do something about it in Fury of Yig.  I’m working with Bret Kramer, who came up with an innovative way of working with tomes for the Masks Companion, on the writeups for the book.

Up front, I should say that much of this is dependent on what gets in and what gets cut.  Nonetheless, I thought I’d let you know how we hope to cover each tome in Fury, from the Necronomicon (yes, it’s in there) to New Age literature…

  • A physical description of the book.
  • Availability – where can you find it?  Is it only available in the vaults of some library?  Can you purchase it online through a specialty bookseller?  Or is it available in the airport bookstore?  So often it seems that a book is only available through one copy in any scenario, instead of accessible through other sources.
  • Skimming – sure, we have rules for skimming books in Call of Cthulhu, but it’s often not clear what’s in there or not.  We make the distinction clear.
  • Research – What can you learn about the book, its author, and its contents?
  • Reading – What you find when reading the book itself.  This also includes skill rolls to be made after reading the book.  A successful Occult roll might mean you can tell whether a book’s incantations are typical for a period, or an Anthropology roll can assess the plausibility of an author’s statements.  It’s another incentive to not let one member of the group read the books…
  • Quotes from the book, many of which should be relevant to the investigation
  • The statistics of the book

The overall goal is to make tomes into sources of information for your investigators to read, consider, pass around, and otherwise treat as important documents, rather than simply convenient sources of Cthulhu Mythos skill and a few spells.  We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Mr. Harms,

    This sounds fantastic, and a great way to “flesh out” Mythos tomes, which seem to play a much smaller role in most scenarios than they do in classic Mythos fiction. Please continue posting these teasers for the Fury of Yig – I, for one, am extremely excited about this project.

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