Fury of Yig Update

We had a request for a Fury update.  This semester has gone absolutely crazy, so I haven’t been as active here as I’d like to be, but I can certainly give one.

Right now, I’m over 44K words into the campaign, and (I hope) just coming over the halfway point.  I did pin down Adam on a word count, and it seems that I’ll end up right in the range that we want for the book.  I’ve compared Fury to a massive road trip, and I’ve finished up with the East Coast and headed out west.  Those who’ve read “The Curse of Yig” know that Oklahoma will be on the itinerary, but that’s not the only stop.

One element I’m being careful about is the use of Mythos beings.  If you’ve read many Call of Cthulhu campaigns, you’ve likely run into a being or two who really didn’t seem to have a reason to be there.  I can understand the writer’s impulse to bring in some outside elements so you’re not fighting the same creatures over and over; one of the challenges going into this campaign was not to make all the antagonists snakes and serpent men.

I hope to work on this in two respects.  First, most of the focus will be on humans, whether working for or against the investigators.  Finding my inspiration in the old Lovecraft Country books, I’ve tried to draw individuals who are compelling and who provide interesting interactions.  For example, the chapter I just finished includes a character who, I hope, you’ll want to punch by the time it’s over.  It was both scary and fun to write him.

Second, I’ve found some other monstrosities who fit with the overall theme, instead of having an obligatory yet out of place Deep One, ghoul, or mi-go encounter.  In fact, I was surprised to find out just how few of these I needed – I haven’t even run completely through my list.  That makes it easier to edit later if I or one of my readers decides it needs something more.

So don’t worry – I’m still trucking along, and I’m still having fun.

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  1. Still going to be very suprised if you manage to avoid using Serpent men.

    • Leaving them out entirely would just be perverse. I’m treating them more like a cherry than the ice cream in the sundae, if that makes sense.

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