New Edition of the Grimorium Verum: An Incredibly Vague Announcement

I was informed over the weekend that a new edition of the Grimorium Verum is coming out.  It was in a small publisher’s subscriber-only email, and as they don’t have an actual link to it on their site’s main page, I’m assuming they don’t want to publicly announce it yet.

Information is sketchy so far, save that it might be the first in a series.  Also, there’s no mention of how it stacks up to Joe Peterson’s edition.  Still, I pass it on so that those of you who might be interested can keep your eyes open.

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  1. I’m wondering, how many different [published] editions of the Grimorium Verum are there?

    • I’ll get to that in a few days, when I can actually grab my Peterson copy and make an informed answer.

  2. 42 or 23, depending on who you ask 😉

  3. […] Grimorium Verum: How Many Editions? In response to my vague Grimorium Verum announcement, Venus Satanas (um, no relation?) asks: I’m wondering, how many different [published] editions of […]

  4. Hello, there are two books in spanish atributted to oirelav illensub, Valerio Busnelli, “the famouse african nigromantic”. A Dragon Rouge (Dragon Rojo) and a Clavicle of the great King Salomon. They were published by barcelonian editorial Maucci, 1908, one of the greatest spanish editors, created by an italian in the last years of the XIXth century. I thought that they were french translations but perhaps they are italian translations.
    I wrote an article about the Caballistic books collection by Editorial Maucci, they published 10 books in this collection.

    “EL DRAGON ROJO o sea El arte de mandar a los espíritus celestes e infernales por medio de la gran vara del mandato del Rey Salomón junto con otros secretos importantes”. Ed. Maucci, Barcelona, 1908, 128 páxinas, octavo menor (16 cms.), encuadernado en holandesa.

    7.- LA CLAVÍCULA DEL GRAN REY SALOMÓN o sea la clave del verdadero tesoro de las ciencias ocultas Y LA CÁBALA DE LA MARIPOSA VERDE. Obra que es una continuación del Dragón Rojo del célebre nigromántico africano ILLENSUB OIRELAV”. Ed. Maucci, Barcelona, hacia 1908, 109 págs., Octavo (18 cms.), encuadernado en tela.

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