Colonel Fawcett Yet Again

Feeding my low-grade but never-ending fascination with Colonel Percy Fawcett, the explorer who vanished into the Amazon nearly eighty-five years ago in search of a lost city, the Anomalist links to this Boston Globe article.  According to an author of a new book, much of what were considered crazy claims by Fawcett of magnificent ruins deep in the jungle have actually been verified by archaeologists since then.  I hadn’t followed the recent spate of discoveries in the Amazon too closely, so I found it fascinating.

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  1. As I linked to on, the author of said book was interviewed on NPR; you can list to the broadcast and read excerpt here-

  2. There is no getting away from it, the Fawcett story is fascinating. It’s sad in a way that if the expedition

    returned safely without finding the Lost City of Z, Fawcett may have been forgotten, However, with their

    disappearance they have in a way, been immortalized, capturing the imagination of many as to what happened to them.
    The story, if handled correctly, will make a great film, let’s hope Hollywood can bring it off.

    I have a new book about Colonel Fawcett that continues his journey to the Lost City. It is called Amazon Adventure.

    For those who are interested here is the link:

    Coming in 2010 the new novel that continues Fawcett’s quest to find his Lost City of Z

    The date is 1925

    The location is the Amazon Jungle.

    Colonel Percy Fawcett, his son Jack and close friend Raleigh Rimmell, are looking for a lost City rumoured to be

    hidden in the unexplored regions of the cannibal inhabited jungle.

    Dead Horse Camp is situated at the boundary of unexplored territory. Ahead lay the unknown, danger, and perhaps a

    Lost Civilisation.

    The three explorers enter the jungle never to be seen or heard from again. Until now!

    Present day – New information that reveals what befell the Fawcett expedition reaches the civilised world. A team

    is put together to travel to the Amazon jungle. Their task is to unravel the mystery and find the Lost City of Z.

    But the journey to the Lost City is just the beginning. Inside lurks danger and a secret those guarding it will

    kill to protect. Survival will not be easy, escape impossible.

    Fawcett’s adventure continues in AMAZON ADVENTURE Journey to Colonel Fawcett’s Lost City

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