A Collection of Magical Secrets – Accepting Pre-Orders

Avalonia Books is now accepting pre-orders for A Collection of Magical Secrets, a compilation of material taken from Wellcome MS 4669, origin of much of the Veritable Key of Solomon.  Here’s their description of the first part:

Many of the simple charms in the first part, A Collection of Magical Secrets, resemble the writings of Albertus Magnus and also the nineteenth century French pseudo-grimoires of black magick, such as the Grimoire of Pope Honorius III, the Red Dragon and Grimoirum Verum. The charms referred to as coming from Agrippa include a wider range of material. As well as many healing cantrips, there are a number of examples of how to gain a familiar spirit, plus the inevitable charms for winning in love and gambling. There are a large quantity of charms for regaining stolen or lost property, showing a wide range of sympathetic magick techniques such as dreaming, poppets, bread and sieves. Amongst the material in the first part, is also a conjuration of a Prince of the Thumb, an angel onto the olive oil-anointed thumbnail of a virgin child or pregnant woman, along with associated practices.

Check out their site above – the pre-order price, including shipping, comes to under $15 American right now.

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  1. Sounds great – I’ve come across the prince of the thumb somewhere else but my memory fails me at present. It sounds like a lot of the other material will be similar to those parts of the Add. ms. we recently looked at that most intrigued me – such as those spells for retrieving lost property through spiritual agencies such Sibyllia and Andromalchus and their magical images that seem to have been the stock-in-trade of the practical magician and cunning man. Very much looking foward to seeing this.

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