Necronomicon at Bradford College?

Via Google Alerts and Dangerous Donovan Loucks comes this blog post from New England Folklore:

Even if The Necronomicon is real, why would it be under Bradford College, a small liberal arts school that closed in 2000? Well, according to the story floating around the Web, Lovecraft hid the book in one of the college’s tunnels while he was dating a Bradford co-ed. (Apparently, even demented evil geniuses need to get out and date.) Recent Bradford students seem to have accepted the story as part of the college’s lore. You can see some photos by ghost hunters of the tunnels here.

This, of course, is proof that Simon was right.

I’m kidding, of course.  For those who are curious, the key is the part where Lovecraft was dating.  (He did marry, but his wife pretty much had to talk him into it.  Beyond that, he seems to have been mostly asexual.)  Nonetheless, the story represents another fascinating twist in the ongoing Necronomicon myth.

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  1. Interesting post. Thanks for keeping meembers of the Simon Necronomicon Tradition aware of this.

    Be Well

  2. Wait a minute… Lovecraft was supposedly ‘asexual’ BUT according to this he dated a ‘student’ and then hid the book in a tunnel.

    Lovecraft wasn’t asexual… he just wasn’t into human women.

    Lovecraft dated a ghoul and those tunnels go deeper than most realize. That’s the secret.

    Yes, this is really good whiskey. Why do you ask?

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