Sometimes Life Goes Crazy

True – that’s what this week has been like, with turmoil on a few different fronts.  Nonetheless, M.’s asleep, Sara McLachlan’s playing – damn, no, it’s the Highlander 3 soundtrack – and things are quiet, if only for the moment.

We’ve been unpacking boxes, which brings new wonders – hey, here’s my Mathers Key of Solomon!  Do I really own two copies of the Michelin Guide to the Auvergne? – and I’ve been dipping into Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, which includes a quite different take on both ghouls and nightgaunts from what Mythos fans might be used to.

I missed out on our horror semi-Mythos Western game, but I did start a new game with a small group.  No, not Cthulhu – instead it’s been D&D 3.5 visiting The Keep on the Borderlands, the very first adventure I ever went on as a gamer at the age of five.  Yes, five.  I think one of my other gamers will be unable to attend regularly, but I will enjoy it nonetheless.

Fury has been back-burnered for the moment, save that I did send out the last chapter for a read to my small group of critics.  I have to give kudos to Bret, who is giving me thorough and excellent advice for improvement for each chapter.

I’ve also been talking with Warlock Asylum over on his blog.  It has led to some interesting revelations that I’ll share with you later about the Simon book.  Sadly, I think Warlock needs to read more carefully and spend more time with sources on Mesopotamia written, say, within the past twenty years.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Glad I can help.
    By the way, I prefer the peanut butter variety-

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