Fury of Yig Update: The Monsters

Fury now hovers around 55K words, and I’ve made it to Oklahoma.

A quick comment on the monsters in Fury.  It’s not been uncommon for many campaigns to have interludes in which you have creatures that don’t quite fit with the theme of the campaign.  I can understand the desire for writers to change around the cast to liven up things, but sometimes it does come across as a monster mash of sorts.

Originally, I thought this would be a problem for Fury.  I mean, this is a campaign about Yig, which means your immediate monster roster looks like this:

  • Snakes
  • Serpent people
  • Yig
  • More snakes

As it turns out, however, there are a number of other possibilities, if you delve into some of the source material.  Some of the monsters are from previous products, and I’ve also included a couple new ones.  I’m especially happy with the monster for the Oklahoma chapter, which is built off of a hint in one of those old Petersen’s Guides that were produced for Call of Cthulhu years ago.

So, overall, the campaign goes well.

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