When A Collection of Magical Secrets Comes to a Friend’s House

My copy of A Collection of Magical Secrets arrived yesterday, just before M. and I headed to a friend’s house.  It inspired a couple of conversations, which provide a window into my strange life:

J.:  I can’t believe the fluffy bunny Wicca stuff they’re turning out these days.

Me:  What are you talking about?  This book comes from 1796.

J.:  Oh.

Me:  And it includes a rite to turn yourself invisible by wearing a human rib.

J.:  Oh.  I guess that’s different, then.

Me:  Felix the cat is safe.  He’s not all black.

M.:  Why?

Me:  Because this ritual involves killing a black cat and turning him into a spirit familiar.

M.:  I know you’re kidding.  And if you weren’t, I’d kill you and turn you into a spirit familiar.

Me:  There’s a ritual in here for that, too.

M.:  Grrr….

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  1. That was better than a review. I’m definitely picking this book up now.

  2. Thanks for posting about that book. It came in the mail a couple of days ago, and I’m quite pleased with it!

  3. […] the Shelf Review: A Collection of Magical Secrets As mentioned, I picked up a copy of Skinner and Rankine’s A C0llection of Magical Secrets a few days […]

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